21 November 2008

Hitting the links

A quick post to tide us over until I have a chance to write something a little more substantial!

Anyone in the Toronto area interested in home delivery of local/organic fruits and veggies, I highly recommend Mama Earth Organics. We've been using them for a few weeks and we're really pleased with both the service and the quality of the food. A small box ($25 to $27) is just about right for two non-vegetarian people. There are several other options as well, and you can customize your order. You also have the option of adding other organic foods to your order, such as bread, cheese/dairy, and coffee. Yay for eating better!

I'm not affiliated with Mama Earth in any way (other than being a customer), but this next link comes from my sister. If you'd like to support the maintenance and upkeep of the Queen's Park Legislative Assembly (aka Queen's Park-- a beautiful heritage building), shop at the gift shop's new website (bet you didn't even know they had a gift shop!) My sister runs the shop (among other things) and set up the site. Proceeds go back into the Legislative Assembly (including the building itself). Just in time for the holidays, there's lots of nifty stuff (mostly from local artisans) to choose from. Support the Legislative Assembly...before the city of Toronto decides to tear it down and put up condos.